Sunrise, Sea Breeze and Hot Springs for Health & Wellbeing

Hotel Solage Spa & Resort Oita Hiji overlooks the sand and glistening waters of Beppu Bay, in the town of Hiji (meaning 'sunrise') where breath-taking sunrise colors each beginning of a new day.
We offer a range of sports and leisure activities amid the natural surroundings of Oita. Take a stroll along the beach, cycle into town, or head to our 140-yard driving range for a golf swing and more sports before relaxing in our all-natural hot springs while enjoying our cuisines, all locally-sourced.
The beauty awaits at Hotel Solage Spa & Resort Oita Hiji.

Guest Rooms

The South Wing overlooks the beautiful Beppu Bay, stretching out as far as the eyes can see. Large windows in each room provide luxurious panoramic views of the sky and sea.
The East Wing faces the courtyard and is designed to ensure privacy with the feel of a secluded villa.

  • Onsen

    Hotel Solage Spa & Resort Oita Hiji boasts beautiful open-air hot springs with splendid ocean views. Male and female baths alternate daily between Western and Japanese-style facilities. Family or friend groups may wish to hire private baths. For total relaxation, spacious saunas are available, with a seitai (Japanese therapeutic massage) service to rejuvenate your body, and a rest area with free massage machines.

  • Pool

    Open to guests and visitors, Splash Pool Gao is one of Oita’s most popular large-scale water parks. Thrill-seekers will love the twists and turns of the 12-meter-high Body Slider or riding a water tube down the Black Dragon. The park is free for hotel guests and there’s a variety of pools for people of all ages.

  • Restaurant & Bar

    Hotel Solage Spa & Resort Oita Hiji offers a range of dining options. Enjoy ocean view while dining at Solista restaurant, private rooms at Japanese restaurant Saikai, or a variety of shocu and sake from different regions of Japan at Costavilla café and bar. In summer, food and refreshments are also available at poolside restaurant, Laguna.

Healed by the sense of openness and the spectacular view.


Hotel Solage Spa & Resort Oita Hiji provides extensive leisure facilities for an active, health-oriented stay.
Included are a 140-yard golf driving range, 10 tennis courts, a gymnasium, racquet ball courts, arcade corners and karaoke rooms.

Tennis Court
Golf Driving Range
Table Tennis


7505 Oga, Hinode-machi, Hayami-gun, Oita


Approx. 37 minutes by car from Oita Airport. If you're coming by Airliner bus, please get off at Hiji bus stop.
Approx. 2 hours by car from Fukuoka via Kyushu Expressway and Oita Expressway. Exit at Hiji Interchange.
Approx. 8 minutes by car from Hiji Station
Approx. 15 minutes by car from Kitsuki Station